E169: Sex and Marriage (part 1)

In this episode Mark and Adena have a vulnerable conversation about sex inside of marriage. Many couples struggle to create a powerful sex life together. 

  • Everyone enters marriage with distorted views of themself and distorted views of sex. 
  • There are two main responses to the distortions and confusion about sex. Avoid sex, or live out the distorted passions. 

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E168: Daniel’s story (Living In the Game)

Mark sat down with a good friend for this episode. Daniel Dolan is a teacher at a school, and a leader of men. He talks about his journey in life from being a young man who was heavily involved in sports to becoming a man who felt unfulfilled. 

Daniel mentioned how he used to live to “win at all cost”, but now he lives to “love and serve at all cost.” 

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E167: How does a man stay in the game?

Mark sits down with his son Matthew to ask 5 questions. 
Matthew was not given the questions beforehand, so his answers are off the top of his head. 

Here are the questions:
1. Have you ever felt like you were kicked to the sidelines in life?
2. How did you get back into the game?
3. What keeps you in the game?
4. What role do teammates play in your life?
5. What would you say to any man who feels they are not in the game?

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166: Mindsets for Managing Conflict

Most people fear conflict. Our response to conflict causes damage. 

Fatal pathway of conflict:
1. This is bad
2. Someone is the enemy
3. This is going to cause damage forever

The hero during conflict thinks like this:
1. This is normal
2. I can help
3. This will make us better

Below is the link to the course: “How to be the hero during conflict”

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E165: How do you love your spouse in spite of their problems.

In this episode, Mark and Adena have a conversation about how to love your spouse even though they have problems. They use the metaphor of a flower in a pot. Your spouse is like the flower. They have weeds. But instead of focusing on their weeds we need to water the flower. 

We cannot help someone with their weeds unless we are first of all honest with our own weeds. 

We have made a marriage assessment tool. You can fill out your answers here and get an immediate look at the health of your marriage.   https://app.assessmentgenerator.com/assessment/17360

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E163: How to live a wonderful life

The holidays bring us to times of reflection. The popular movie, “It's a Wonderful Life”, will play each year because it demonstrates the reflections that happen in all of our hearts. 

Here are four fundamentals to living a wonderful life
1. Realize life is not about you
2. Realize you do not control the results
3. Realize that the Jones's are not happy, so don't try to keep up with them.
4. Realize you don't know what you are doing.

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