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Take Your One Step To Freedom!

You don’t need to be fixed, you need to be free! Problems in life can trap us in an invisible prison. Mark Delaney writes from his own experience of feeling trapped outside of the life he wanted to live.

Great book and easy to read! It’s never too late to live the life you want to live. This book gives practical steps to break away from what is holding you back from living in freedom. Everyone was born for a purpose and this book explains how to change your mindset and start living out a life you love!

Kim D. — Amazon

I really enjoyed this book, we have this one life and why not live it in freedom. This book helps you take the steps to walk in freedom, it helps you to get unstuck and to find your purpose in this crazy world, everyone has a purpose and everyone matters so I encourage everyone to get this incredible book and walk in your freedom and purpose. You won’t regret it.

Sharon W. — Amazon

This book has been so good for me as it shares practical understand to the things that hold me back from living the life that I was designed to live! The way I think about my problems and how they impact my life have been held to wrong thinking about them! Practical application to walking in true freedom! Must read!

Derick — Amazon

About the Author

Meet Mark Delaney

Mark and Adena Delany has spent their lives in the service of others. They have helped hundreds of people discover their purpose and break free of bondage that holds them back. There is a way to live free and not let your past hold you in a cage! Mark and Adena Delaney have devoted, their lives to helping as many people discover that same freedom.

You don't need to be fixed, you need to be free!

In One Step to Freedom, you will find words, pictures, and action steps to help you find your freedom. The chapters hit on hard questions such as “What went wrong?” and “Why is the journey to freedom so messy?” At the end of each chapter, he presents a challenge to move you forward. It’s not too late! You are not too messed up!