Our mission serves this one belief:

Every person has purpose, they can know it clearly, and pursue it boldly.

  • We inspire people to believe that they have purpose
  • We guide people on a journey to clarify their purpose
  • We empower people with the mindsets that enable them to boldly live out that purpose. 

What does it look like for a business to utilize our services?

  • Executive coaching for leadership teams or individuals. 
  • Live speaking/training: Our content is driven by pictures, stories and group conversations.
  • Video Courses for your employees. Learn more about courses here >
    • These courses provide coaching that develops the whole person for their personal and professional life. 
  • Live workshops on zoom. (recurring monthly) 
    • These courses occur monthly outside of work hours. At any time during the year, your staff can get live group coaching experiences.

How do we fit into the marketplace?

  • We help mission minded business owners by providing resources to help build their people. 
  • Mission minded business owners want the best for their people. (Not just the best out of their people.)

What is the big hurdle?

  • It feels like people can’t be helped. 
  • The personal life is where people need the most help, but it seems to be a taboo topic. 

How do we leap over that hurdle?

  • We help people with their personal life, without talking about their personal life. 
  • We inspire people to face their personal problems, without talking about their personal problems. It’s a specific, proven strategy that we use with people. 
  • We empower people with the ways of thinking that allow them to see change in their life. 

What are the results?

  • Your people get real help for their real life. 
  • When people become stronger, they work stronger. 
  • Your people become engaged at work. Why? Because the average person is disengaged at work because they are disengaged with their own life. We help people thrive as a human. When that happens, they thrive at work. 

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