E111: Elaine Mingus. A story of overcoming

In this episode you will hear an organic conversation and the story of Elaine Mingus. Elaine is a mom of 7 kids, a speaker, and a business owner. Her story will inspire you to face any obstacles that you face in your life.

You can visit her store here: https://www.instagram.com/curbvulture/
You can also go to her website here: http://elainemingus.com/

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E110: Powerful Accountability

Accountability is powerful or it's awkward!

Some types of accountability only make us focus more on the problem and make relationships get awkward. 

Great relationships produce organic accountability. The big difference is that the focus is no pointing people toward their purpose, not pointing them toward their problem. 

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E109: A shocking question at a prison

Mark went to a prison last week and asked a question that you would not expect to hear at a prison. 

“Why are you so free?” 
Twelve men at a correctional facility are going through The Purpose Mastermind. These men, although they live in a prison, have such a sense of freedom. In response to the question, here is what they said:

  1. “We have lost it all, so we only have something to gain.”
  2. “When I lost physical freedom, I realized that freedom is not physical at all.”
  3. “I have everything to gain. I gain every day.” 

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E108: The Naked Baptist…”What do I not see about me?”

On this episode Mark talks with Wave Carter. Wave lives in San Antonio, but flew up for a weekend visit with in Tulsa. This conversation began in the sauna and ended in front of the podcast microphones. 

In this episode you will hear a story of a man with a broken relationship with his daughter. 

What happens when someone has a gap between who they are and who they think they are? 

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E107: Perspectives on Pornography (part 2)

This is part two of a conversation about how to think about the problem of pornography.
Every couple will face adversity in their sex life. Pornography has become a common issue that threatens couples from experiencing great sexual intimacy together.

1. Sexuality gives us reasons to cover ourselves up and protect ourselves.
2. Sexuality in a relationship also gives us a chance to overcome the biggest fears and insecurities in our life.

Learn more here: https://markdelaney.com/

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E106: Perspectives on Pornography (part 1)

In this episode Mark and Adena begin to tackle a topic that is a dark cloud over many people's lives. Pornography is one of the primary ways that people are being distracted from the life they were meant to live. 

People were made to live with their heart being free and unashamed, but it's hard to find that freedom. 

Instinctually we free the damaging impact of pornography, but the greater fear is that we will not become the people we were made to be. 

For more info go on The Purpose Mastermind, go to https://markdelaney.com/

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E104: Dave Ebert (A man’s facade)

Dave Ebert is the founder of “Well Versed Academy.” Well Versed is a troupe of folks that believe in the joy, healing power, and community building power of laughter. 

In this episode Dave tells the story of how he wore the facade of humor to cover up the struggle with depression. 

“When a man can't use his gift, or he struggles to be effective with it, he can lose site of who he is.” 

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