Mark and Adena sit down for a conversation for people that are facing a time of crisis in their life. Adena draws on her experience of helping young people through the crisis of middle school math class. 

Many junior high students felt the common feeling of hating math and feeling like a loser. The response they had was similar to the response that all of us have toward struggle. What if the only change needed was a change in perspective? What if, instead of the problem changing, we change. And when we change…we change the problem? 

It can feel like our life is held hostage until the problem changes. But it won't. But when we change…we cause the problem to change. Adena had a simple process for helping students in crisis. 
1. She helped people understand where they are. More importantly, she helped them understand that it's ok. Where you are is ok!
2. She helped them take a step in the right direction. The change in mindset caused by the first step enabled the person to begin to take simple steps. Simple steps lead to change. 

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