E106: Perspectives on Pornography (part 1)

In this episode Mark and Adena begin to tackle a topic that is a dark cloud over many people's lives. Pornography is one of the primary ways that people are being distracted from the life they were meant to live. 

People were made to live with their heart being free and unashamed, but it's hard to find that freedom. 

Instinctually we free the damaging impact of pornography, but the greater fear is that we will not become the people we were made to be. 

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E104: Dave Ebert (A man’s facade)

Dave Ebert is the founder of “Well Versed Academy.” Well Versed is a troupe of folks that believe in the joy, healing power, and community building power of laughter. 

In this episode Dave tells the story of how he wore the facade of humor to cover up the struggle with depression. 

“When a man can't use his gift, or he struggles to be effective with it, he can lose site of who he is.” 

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E103: How to be vulnerable with your spouse

Let's face it. Being vulnerable with anyone is hard. We can live our whole life without being vulnerable. The longer we go without being vulnerable, the harder it becomes. 

Living without vulnerability will undermine the life we really want to live. It will will force us to compensate and hide the weakness instead of facing it and living the life we were made for. 

In this episode, Mark and Adena explain how to specifically be vulnerable. And it becomes powerful! 

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E102: Sarah Siegand (Kids and technology)

In this episode Mark interviews Sarah Siegand. Sarah and her husband Jesse began an organization called “Parents Who Fight.” They help equip parents to be prepared for how to lead their kids with technology. 

The Siegand's have two teenage sons and they have navigated this journey with their own life so they have a gift to help others do the same. 

Check them out here: https://www.parentswhofight.com/

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E101: Help! My wife wants to live a buttoned up life.

On this episode Mark asks Adena a question concerning a common tension that men share with Mark. Husbands often tell Mark that “My wife is trying to live a buttoned up life.” 

In this episode Mark and Adena discuss how the adventure spirit in a man and the desire for security in a woman can create a tension. 

In the middle of adventure and security is the place where both people can live their best bold life. 

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E100: How to keep perspective during struggle

Mark and Adena share stories from their journey over the last several years. 

The key thought from this episode:

  • Purpose is the treasure map that we hold for our journey. Gratitude is the bottle of water that we hold that refreshes us for the journey. 

Listen to hear a special recording that Mark made while visiting with his mom and dad. 

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E99: What does it look like to walk with God? (part 2)

The answer to this question is critical. If someone wants to pursue God with their life, they need to have a perspective on what it looks like. Life is similar to a big puzzle. The key to putting the puzzle together is the picture on the front of the box. Without that picture, what chance does someone have to put together the puzzle of their life?

In short, walking with God does not look like behavior and disciplines. It looks like purpose, freedom, and love. 


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E98: What does it look like to walk with God (Part 1)

Mark and his son, Matthew, begin an important conversation in this episode. What does it look like to walk with God? Anyone that wants to live on purpose will have to answer this question at some point. 

But, if someone does want to walk with God, what does that look like? The answer to this question will determine the target that we aim for. 

Mark explains how he used to view walking with God. 
1. Church attendance was the measure of his walk with God. 
2. Spiritual disciplines was the measure of his walk with God. 
3. Behavior was the measure of his walk with God. 

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E97: Oh No! My kid wants a cell phone!

What do you do when your kid wants a cell phone. Having a cell phone in their hand can seem as dangerous as having a car to drive. What does a parent do with this decision? 

This decision can be leveraged for many good things. 
1. Ask them questions that cause them to think. Kids like to act like dogs. “What do I want?” We need to guide them to think “What should I want?” Ask them if they think they can handle the responsibility. 

2. Leverage this decision to have a broader discussion about life. There are many good things in life that also offer pitfalls. What do you do when good things present dangerous elements? 

3. Leverage this decision by putting the weight of responsibility on their shoulders. As they take ownership it enables them to grow in vision for their life. Ultimately, as parents we cannot protect them from everything. But we can prepare them to be able to have wisdom to make decisions for themselves. 

If you would like other resources, we have a couple of video courses I think you would find helpful. 

Video courses:


If you would like to speak with us about our parenting coaching course, Parenting on Purpose, please email us at mark@markdelaney.me 

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