E96: Marriage Development is leadership development

A developed marriage will develop us for everything that we do. 
1. Marriages exposes who we really are. Our weaknesses are exposed. 
2. Marriage has the capability to weaken everything that we do, or strengthen everything we do. 
3. Marriage teaches us how to communicate. 
4. Marriage sets us up for long term leadership. 
5. Marriage is the parenting machine. Leading our kids teaches us how to lead others. 

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E95: The Mantra (Keep life simple to keep life powerful)

In this episode Adena interviews Mark about his mantra. 
Over the last season of his life Mark developed this simple mantra that helps him keep living life intentionally. 

“Only be strong and courageous”
1. Trust the people under my nose.
2. Take the next step

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E94: The Disconnected Man

In the episode Mark's son, Matthew,  joins for a discussion about what happens when a man is disconnected. Here are some excerpts:

  1. 90% of life is simply taking the next step. Whether or not we take that next step is largely dependent upon whether or not we have people in our life that compel us to take that next step. 
  2. For a man to become strong, he must show up consistently around strong men. 

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E93: Chad Bird and how a man limps with God through his troubles.

Chad Bird is an author, speaker, and thought leader. Although he would say he is just a Texan. You will love hearing his perspectives. His journey is from calling to failure and back to a life full of purpose. 

When a man feels like he is stuck in life, there are two things that are happening behind the scenes:
1. God is helping us to know ourselves in a real way. 
2. God is helping us to know Him in a real way. 

He also shares about his recent book, entitled, “Limping with God.” 

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E91: Brian Treat talks about counterintuitive leadership at Chic Fil A.

Brian Treat was a guest on this podcast. Brian and his wife Jane are the owners of the Chic Fil A in Claremore, OK. In this episode he shares his approach to building his team. 

1. The key concept that he shared is about the bedrock of humility. 

  • Humility is the pathway to learning. 
  • Humility is the foundation of their culture. 

2. Brian also talked about the importance of being excellent in the “first mile” in order to do the “second mile” of influence with people. 

3. The “WHO” model helps them see where they are not setting up people to succeed. 

  • W-whose job is it?
  • H-how do they know it is their job? 
  • O-Oversight and accountability. 

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E90: Why we didn’t keep up with the Joneses

In this episode, Mark and Adena reminisce about their early years of marriage and starting a family. 

  1. We didn't know what we were doing.  And that was an advantage. 
  2. Life is not about knowing what you are doing. It's about knowing why you do what you do, and it's about who you do life with. 
  3. You cannot live your life if you are trying to keep up with everyone else. 

For more information on what we do, visit us at https://flywheel:handsome-keynote@markdelaney.flywheelsites.com/

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E89: Before you get Divorced

Anyone who is contemplating divorce is in very tough situation. This person might feel guilty, but, mostly they feel trapped. 

In this episode Mark and Adena help people that are contemplating divorce. Here are some thoughts from the episode:

  1. People often wonder why people get divorced after 15 years. Did something suddenly go wrong? Actually, in most cases things were bad from the very start. 
  2. When we get married we do not know how to be married in a powerful way.
  3. When we get married we don't really know who we are. And we don't really know who our spouse is. Each person carries personal issues into the relationship. 

There is hope for the troubled marriage. You don't have to feel it, or understand it. But there is a pathway to a different reality. Reach out to us via email: adena@markdelaney.me or mark@markdelaney.me. 

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E88: Jamie Gilbert on Leadership that Works

Jamie Gilbert is a soccer coach in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. In this episode Mark asks Jamie about his leadership perspective. Mark heard about Jamie and his unique coaching philosophies from one of his players. 

The conversation has an interesting twist at the beginning as Jamie and Mark jump right into the conversation without having ever spoken to each other. Two things will stand out in this episode. 

1. Jamie faced a potential crisis of identity when he was playing college soccer. 
2. You will be surprised to hear Jamie share a cornerstone principle behind his coaching. 

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