Possibly, the greatest silent pain is when we feel like our life will never be what it was supposed to be. 

In this episode, Mark talks about 3 things that hold people back from living out their life of purpose. 

1. Trying to perfect out life causes us to try to control things that we cannot control. Control sounds like the answer to our ultimate success, but does it work?

2. Trying to fix our past. There are two ditches that we fall into. One ditch is when we hide our past. This feels like a protection, but it is a trap, because we have to keep hiding. It's exhausting. The other ditch is when we become a student of our past. We lose sight of our purpose and future as we focus on our past. 

3. Trying to fix our problem. It's common to think, “I have to fix my problem before I can live my best, bold life. ” This thought seems right, but it traps us in a prison. The truth is, we can live our best bold life as we boldly face our problem. 

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