This conversation today is about how to change.  
Maybe there is a goal that you want to achieve, or a habit you want to break. 

  1. Human instinct says, “I need to do this!” That sounds right, but the better thought is, “How do I be the person that will do this?” 
  2. The information is available to everyone on what they need to “do.” But, the secret sauce is in how be “be” the person that is capable of doing what we want to do. 
  3. When we “be”, the “do” will come as a natural byproduct. 

How do you position yourself to change the core of who you are?

  1. Put yourself around vulnerable people. 
  2. Put yourself around people who have “been there and done that.” Many people would like to help you with something. But someone who has personally found a gold mine, will have a gift to help you “be” the person that can find a gold mine of change. 
  3. The secret sauce of change is “becoming” the person that will “do” the steps that transform. 

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