Our favorite movies are stories of redemption. Because, we all need it at some point in our life. The good news is that redemption is not just for the movies! It's for me and you today.

Drug addiction is rampant. It is worse than we think. It's more harmful than we think. It's a nightmare to people.  It destroys families while it destroys the addict. 

But there is hope! In this episode Mark discusses the heart behind drug use. 

  • The human that feels useless will do useless things. 
  • When a person has nothing real inside of them that moves them, they will find something artificial outside of them that moves them. 

There is hope! A person can find freedom and purpose. When a person discovers purpose they find power. Power to change. Power to pursue their life. When a person has a purpose, they have a reason to not do drugs. 

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