Struggles in private areas of our life can be very scary. It's easy to feel helpless. Silently, we can believe that nothing can get better. We are stuck with what we have and the only option is to just deal with it. 

This episode will give hope to people that feel like intimacy with their spouse is a problem instead of a source of life. Sex has a purpose in our relationship, and we can experience dynamic sex with our spouse. (Even if we have struggles to work through.)

1. Sexual struggles in marriage are normal. You are not failing because of the struggle. 
2. Sex exposes us. We must expose ourself in order to engage in sex. We expose our entire being. 

  • our insecurities also get exposed
  • our past pain gets exposed
  • our weakness gets exposed

These things that are exposed, are being exposed for our healing. 

The thing that prevents us from being a great lover will also prevent us from being the person we were designed to be. 

3. Painful sexual experiences before marriage does not mean we cannot experience dynamic sex during marriage. 

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