The feeling of being stuck is frustrating. The longer you feel stuck the frustration only gets worse. In this episode, Mark talks about how we got stuck to begin with and how to get unstuck with just one step. 

Here are some thoughts from the episode:

  • Knowing why we got stuck can help us to realize how quickly we can get unstuck. 
  • Imagine living in a traffic circle. There are four possible turns that can be made. If we don't make a decision we can end up causing a traffic jam in our life. 
  • A good question to ask ourself is this: “What causes me to not be able to make a decision?”
  • A traffic jam causes problems. The tendency is then to focus on the problems caused by the traffic jam instead of focusing on what caused the traffic jam to begin with. 
  • One step can enable you to leave the traffic jam. 
  • The next step is the most important one. It's not complicated. 

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