The question of purpose will follow us throughout our life. It is relentless. We all want to live with purpose, but it can seem elusive. 

Does the question of purpose haunt you? Or is it a whisper that compels you that you can live a purposeful life? 

The question of purpose can haunt us for sure!

  • I have messed up my life! I can't have purpose.
  • I can't know my purpose. It's impossible to know.
  • I can't talk about it! I have too much regret. 

What if the question of purpose was a wonderful whisper?

  • You have a purpose! You can know it. 
  • Of course you have failure in your life! The failures can become fuel for your purpose. 
  • If you take the time to clarify your purpose it will bring meaningfulness to everything that you do. 

In this episode, Mark will share about how different we can feel when we have answered the question of purpose. We can live authentically, and boldly. We can stop feeling like we are circling a mountain with no chance of reaching the top. We can get rid of the feeling that we are always swinging and missing. 

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