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This is part 2 in a short series. Around the Christmas tree this past season, our family discussed the story of Mary and what it is like to be pregnant with a purpose. Here are the last 3 things we discussed:

1. There is always time between conception and the full revelation. Our life is like that of a farmer. We work the ground, we sow the seed, we water. But, what we do while we wait for the harvest is critical. 

2. Pregnancy is awkward! It's unavoidable. We all want to give birth to something great in life, but our instinct is to avoid anything awkward. There is no pregnancy without the awkward. 

3. Are we willing to live in a stable in order to birth something spectacular? Let's face it, if pregnancy didn't have a time limit, Joseph and Mary may have kept searching until they found the best place to birth the baby. If we aren't careful, we can spend a lifetime looking for the perfect “Inn”. 

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Support the show (https://donorbox.org/family-paradigms-donations)