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In this episode Mark and Matthew talk about the conversation that happened around the Christmas Tree this past Christmas. From the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus, we discussed what it is like to be pregnant with an important purpose. 

Lessons on purpose:
1. You don't become pregnant without giving yourself to someone in a vulnerable and surrendered relationship. We experience the amazing with others in this life, but not without experiencing the awkward. 

2. The work of God in us will often happen through the conduit of others. Most people have a desire to help others, but we usually try to perfect ourself in private before we engage with others. We can't perfect ourself for relationships. Relationship with others will work on us. 

3. When someone is pregnant, something awesome is happening within them, but it is very much out of their control. 

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Support the show (https://donorbox.org/family-paradigms-donations)